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This Week in Restaurant News: Hello, CBD Soda and Goodbye, Sizzle Pie

Six dining developments on our radar this week.

By Courtney Cummings August 23, 2019

Eight Row in Greenlake officially opens its doors. 

The CBD Soda Scene

If you thought we reached peak levels of Dazed and Confused when a study, suggested some outlets, revealed that Washington consumes a ton of weed, well, gird yourself for this new CBD bar in Belltown. According to Eater Seattle, Cleen Craft, Seattle’s cannabidiol-infused drink company, opened a tasting room earlier this summer. Founded by Marcus Charles (Crocodile Cafe, Mama’s Cantina, Belltown Brewing...RIP), Cleen Craft will serve both cocktails and mocktails with different sparkling sodas in flavors like lime, ginger, and cola.

Cash and Burn

On the busy corner of Pike and 12th on Capitol Hill, the owners of Thai restaurant Bai Tong pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the government through a multi-year cash suppression scheme, reported Capitol Hill Seattle. Documents from the criminal case show that the software used to track the restaurant’s income had a program that altered records by removing cash sales from the system. As a result, the Thai eatery owners will pay close to $300,000 in state and federal taxes with other penalties from the IRS still hanging over their heads. 

An Almost Brawl at Beth’s Cafe

Hold on to your 12-egg omelets. On August 18, an intoxicated man threw a “No Parking” sign through the front window of Beth’s Cafe in Phinney Ridge. The Seattle Times reports that the cafe had kicked the man out for almost getting into a fight with another customer. Angry and upset, the man threw the sign, breaking a window and nearly injuring the hostess and other customers. While there were no injuries, the vandalism did result in about $3,000 worth of damage. Still, Beth’s remains open. "Nothing will stop us!" one employee told Seattle Met. Right on, man.

Eight Row Is Officially Open

Chef David Nichols, formerly of Rider, announced his new restaurant Eight Row in June and the project, playfully named after large and rare cherries, opened August 20. The first solo venture for Nichols, Eight Row highlights local spirits and wines, and serves up a hearty dinner menu: grilled black cod with zucchini, braised lamb shoulder with seasonal pickles, and the like. Brunch is also on the table weekends from 10 to 2. Some morning standouts include sourdough waffles with spiced honey and the fried oyster hash. With patio seating and a daily happy hour at the bar, Greenlake just got even better. 

Beanless Coffee Gets a Boost 

It’s no secret that coffee is the lifeblood of productivity. And yet it’s tough making that cup of joe a reality with high caffeine consumption rates and worsening climate change (coffee bean farmers are having to move to higher elevations, leading to even more deforestation). Enter Atomo, a Seattle-based startup that crafts coffee in a lab. The beanless operation got a nice boost this week, reported Grist, as the folks behind the Impossible Burger, that meatless burger substitute that's everywhere now, invested big—$2.6 million big, to be exact. "Is Coffeeless Coffee the Next Impossible Burger?" we asked in our June/July issue. I suppose we've got our answer.

Sizzle Pie Fizzles Out

The folks behind the Portland pizza chain Sizzle Pie announced on Instagram the joint’s fast-approaching closure at the end of August. Notable for its vegan pizzas and super rad swag, the restaurant cited rising costs of operation in Seattle as the reason for the sad news. Capitol Hill Seattle also reports that Sizzle Pie’s sister spot Dark Bar will shutter at the end of the month as well. While the doors may close and the lights may dim, Sizzle Pie will forever live on in our hearts as one of the Seattle greats.

This Week in Food & Drink

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