Untimely Death to False Pizza: Sizzle Pie Closes on Capitol Hill

The Portland-born import on East Union Street will shutter its pizza joint and adjoining bar at the end of August.

By Rosin Saez August 21, 2019

Sizzle Pie, Portland's metal music–blasting pizza chain, is saying goodbye to Seattle when it slings its last slice on August 31. It announced the bummer news on its Instagram on August 20—Capitol Hill Seattle Blog blogged about it shortly thereafter; Eater Seattle, too. Here's one more farewell blog post for the Rose City pizzeria with a triangle of vegan, marinara-sauced Spiral Tap held high.

Per the social media post, Sizzle Pie cited "continually rising overhead and operating costs in Seattle" for closing. Its "Death to False Pizza" stickers, however, will live on, forever affixed to MacBooks and guardrails across the city.

Sizzle Pie arrived in 2016 at the onset of Seattle's sort of Pizza Renaissance. The likes of South Paw, Dino's Tomato Pie, Supreme, and more Big Mario's locations opened in the two years after Sizzle Pie. On Union, where places like vegan ice cream scoop shops and Renee Erickson restaurants line the block, Sizzle Pie is one of the few late-night sustenance saviors; a slice of pizza is the hero of 2am walks home on Capitol Hill. It is also one of the last bastions of zero pretension on that block, whether its sitting at its small metal tables or squeezing into the shotgun-shaped Dark Bar next door for a drink and conversations at max volume. (The pizza joint also has by far the raddest swag, just saying.)

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