Downtown Switch-Ups

Sansei Is Closed and—Oh Sweet, Glorious Day—Dough Zone Will Open in Its Place

The soup dumpling purveyor is slated to arrive at Ninth and Pine this summer.

By Rosin Saez April 30, 2019

Brace thyself for more xiao long bao.

Often when restaurants shutter there's a mourning period, then a chunk of time during which we wildly speculate what could possibly go in next—an avocado toast bar, an umpteenth Ethan Stowell joint perhaps. Not this time. Sansei, the seafood spot and sushi bar from Hawaii's chef-restaurateur DK Kodama, swiftly closed last week, reports Eater Seattle. And, in perhaps record time, Seattle's beloved dumpling chainlet, Dough Zoneteased that it's quickly filling the void at 815 Pine Street.

Come summertime, Dough Zone's steaming hot xiao long bao will grace downtown Seattle.

Dough Zone crossed over from the Eastside in 2017, landing in Chinatown–International District with all manner of morsels in tow. Now that it's coming to a space in close proximity to Din Tai Fung's dumpling temple at the top of Pacific Place, downtown is on its way to becoming a true dough zone. It's the kind of dining saturation we can wholly endorse. 

Outside of Seattle proper, it appears Kirkland will also gain a Dough Zone near the end of 2019. Dumplings for all!

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