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Hunting good xiao long bao, aka soup dumplings, is a sport in this town. This growing chainlet serves some of the best around, not to mention a bevy of other superlative dumpling and noodle dishes. Now Seattle fans don't have to cross the bridge to get a Dough Zone fix, as the company has crossed over from the Eastside—praise the dumpling gods—landing in Chinatown–International District with all manner of morsels in tow. Yes, that includes bite-sized soup dumpling darlings known as xiao long bao. But it’s the q bao that really impresses. These swoonworthy steamed pork dumplings are soft, pillowlike rounds with a crispy panfried bottom; inside resides a rich, gravyesque filling. Write a love song about them. Then, eat three more. 

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Child Friendly, Takeout