Le Petit Cochon Will Close Its Doors

Get piggy wit' it...just this one last time. The Fremont restaurant shutters in mid-October.

By Rosin Saez August 2, 2018

Last call for LPC's Phat Ass Porkchop. Le Petit Cochon/Facebook

Yesterday the nose-to-tail, farm-to-table, plate-to-mouth Fremont restaurant dropped some heavy news. It would be closing in mid-October. Le Petit Cochon, aka LPC, has been issuing #f*&kindelicious food—as its social media posts note—for five years.

LPC is a tucked-away gem in the city, located on a second floor that overlooks the treelined Fremont Avenue. For better of worse its this obscurity that landed the restaurant in this year's Hidden Seattle issue of Seattle Met:

One of the town’s best, totally underheralded restaurants lurks on the second floor of a Fremont office building. Make your way past the tenant mailboxes and be transported to chef Derek Ronspies’s irreverent meat den, where dishes have names like Phat Ass Pork Chop and every plate is equal parts decadent and delicate. LPC is fancy enough to rock amuse-bouches and a $95 six-course tasting menu, but also an easy spot for a cocktail and a pork tartare (yes, as in raw pork) with nuoc cham that’s brisk like ceviche.

And earlier this year for Seattle Met's Next Hot Chefs of 2018, Le Petit Cochon's own Kyle Fong earned a place on the list of just five up-and-coming chefs. LPC is not without talent nor did it lack for luxurious fare—chef-owner-hashtag-provocateur Derek Ronspies saw to that. Phat Ass Pork Chop, squab and blood sausage, a charcuterie board to make you cry tears of lard. And we will be. But first, we feast an offal feast. Ronspies's never been one to shy away from all things duck, certainly not pork for which the restaurant's named...or really any proteins at all for that matter due to its dedication to whole animal usage...tasty, tasty usage.

Per Le Petit Cochon's Facebook announcement-slash-farewell-note, in which they thanked their producers and supporters, they promise to post more details about the pending closure, updates, and more information on upcoming dinners that, says the post, "[will] make you say... This shit’s fucking delicious!"

What I know for sure: This shit's a bummer.

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