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Hey, West Seattle: Mark Fuller's Supreme Pizza Bar Opens This Weekend

And let's just get straight to it: There is a pizza that uses Ma'ono's fiery blend of spices. You probably want this.

By Rosin Saez November 9, 2017

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New York–style pizza awaits you.

Image: Rosin Saez

To say Mark Fuller is a busy dude might be an understatement. He brought hot chicken sandwiches to U Village. He and Patric Gabre-Kidan created New Luck Toy, a bar with some seriously charming food. Of course there's Ma'ono to tend to. And just this week 'Table, his vegetarian burger joint run by Doug Kawasaki opened in Belltown.

Next up: Supreme, Fuller's pizza bar on California Avenue in West Seattle, officially opens on Sunday, November 12.

Much like New Luck Toy's formula, this is a bar first and a restaurant (a pizza joint, in this case) second. But oh, does it feel like a pizza joint. It being the former home to Pellegrini's Italian Market there are lingering decor choices, like black-and-red tiles in raised booths which gently clash—in the best way—with the tiling throughout the rest of the space. There's brick and wood and a long, dark bar that stretches past the game room which houses a couple of pinball machines and Big Buck Hunter. Come for the bar vibes, stay for the pizza.

Fuller's tapped the knowledge of John Montenegro, a sous chef from Dino's Tomato Pie, who clearly knows his way around some pizza dough and sauce. Pies are made New York–style: big, round and hand tossed. Naturally, there's a supreme that comes with the familiar combo of toppings. Then there's The Reaper, which appears to be almost a dare: spicy coppa, ricotta, ghost chili, carolina reaper chili, plus the same fiery spice blend he uses for Ma'ono hot chicken sandwiches. If you don't feel like mopping up your spice-induced tears, there's plenty else: a Hawaiian pie with Portuguese sausage, pineapple and jalapeños; one with salt cod, chorizo, potato, and onions; and some classics like cheese and double pepperoni, both of which you can grab by the slice, too.

But wait, this is a bar, right? Yes. And Supreme's bar program is run by Brendan McAuliffe who blessed New Luck Toy with the umbrella-adorned tropical drinks and slushies. You can expect a similar playfulness here. So far, there are four slushy machines churning and dispensing the likes of: a tequila, passion fruit, habanero slush, a Kraken rum and rootbeer slush, the Supremesicle, a jungle bird slush, and a ginger papaya slush. Or sip on an Americano Supreme made with Campari, sweet vermouth, punt e mas, black pepper bitters, and soda. Negroni on tap? They have that too. Plus, beer and TV, many of the comforts one needs to perching on a bar stool on a rainy Seattle day.

Supreme's hours will be Monday through Friday 4pm–2am and 10am–2am on weekends. See yourself to Supreme's website for the full menu and other helpful pizza bar details. Address if you're curious is 4521 California Ave Southwest.

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