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Nary a meat product in sight. Photo via Tom Douglas Restaurants.

The meatless burger that famously bleeds like beef has landed in Seattle on a tide of national buzz. Tom Douglas's South Lake Union burger bar, Brave Horse Tavern, is the first spot in town serve the Impossible Burger, an entirely plant-based (aka vegan) patty that reportedly tastes like actual, juicy beef rather than a canny veggie protein facsimile. Its creator, California-based startup Impossible Foods, uses soy leghemoglobin to mimic meat's iron-like taste in an effort to deliver legit beefy flavor with a smaller environmental footprint. This is one high-tech patty.

Plant-based burgers are definitely a thing these days, but the Impossible Burger's restaurant roster includes heavy hitters like Umami Burger, Bay Area staple Gott's Roadside, and David Chang's Momofuku Nishi. Closer to home, Portland Monthly recently reported that six restaurants have started courting omnivores with the meatless morsel in the Rose City. The sustainability aspect even drew in Bill Gates is an investor. And should care neither for its ecological brownie points nor its vegan-approved status, perhaps its ability to pique many a carnivore's interest is reason enough to try it.

The Impossible Burger debuts as the Brave Horse's burger of the week on Saturday at 10am. Looks like it's headed to the plant-loving menu at Douglas's Carlile Room, too. Chef Dezi Bonow will be doing a version of the Impossible Burger on Monday night on November 6.



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