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In More Burger News: Vegetarian Burgers Are Coming to the Denny Regrade

Ma'ono chef Mark Fuller has teamed up with Doug Kawasaki on a fast-casual burger joint slated to open next month.

By Rosin Saez August 18, 2017

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The Table burger, a mushroom and eggplant "patty" with the works.

Image: Mark Fuller

It's a newsy food week for vegetarians and vegans. First, Frankie and Jo's is plotting a second location in Ballard come 2018—plant-based ice cream and Instagrammable plants in tow. Now, diners of the vegetarian persuasion can rejoice over a new burger spot called 'Table coming to the Denny Regrade as soon as next month.

Mark Fuller has been one busy dude. First, he joined forces with Rachel's Ginger Beer to bring Ma'ono fried chicken sandwiches to the soda shop's U Village locale. How about pizza? Sure, Fuller has a pizza bar appropriately dubbed Supreme which is landing in West Seattle. Now he's partnering with Doug Kawasaki on a vegetarian venture.

The two have been knocking around the idea for a couple of years and finally landed on 'Table, a play on the word "vegetable," fitting for a menu sans animal. "Mark and I are pretty staunch meat-eaters," laughs Kawasaki, who was most recently the executive director of operations at the John Howie empire. But for kindred meat spirits, they both respect the vegetable enough to let it be the main component—no more playing second fiddlehead fern. 

Between the pair of them, Fuller and Kawasaki both come with elevated dining origins: Fuller ran the more upscale Spring Hill bistro before it became Ma'ono as we know it today, and Kawasaki helped open Seastar downtown and before that ran the dining room at Canlis. What's this—more burger-related Canlis origin stories? It's true, Kawasaki says 'Table aims to bring some of that fine dining essence to their fast-casual burger joint, looking to, you guessed it, "guys like Danny Meyer, Randy Garutti, and the success of Shake Shack" as inspiration. Of course things will be different...the vegetarian menu bit for one.

To that end, Fuller has developed the Table burger, a fried mushroom-and-eggplant situation with quinoa, barley, cashews, marmite seasonings, and tamarind. He adds to this: a "veggie caramel," which is a caramelized paste of carrots, tomato paste, onions, and garlic cloves, all served with pickled cucumber, dill, sweet onions, tomato-mayo, American cheese, and iceberg lettuce, all on a sesame seed bun. Suffice it to say: this guy knows sandwiches. The concise menu will also have barbecue sandwiches, wraps, bowl, soups, and salads of all sorts. All side will change with the season like the vegetables themselves.

The humble space means mostly lunch service, though there will be beer and wine, plus ordering to-go. The duo is hoping to open 'Table by the end of September at the base of the new Insignia Towers at Sixth and Bell Street, or 588 Bell Street to be precise. But opening dates are tricky so stay tuned here and at 'Table's website

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