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Revel and Quoin Will Temporarily Shutter to Make Way for New Building

But wait, there's still time: The closure won't happen until next year.

By Rosin Saez July 10, 2017

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Here today, gone for now.

Late last week, Revel shared news on Instagram: The restaurant, along with its conjoined bar Quoin, will close...but just for a bit. The temporary shutter, which has no official date as of yet, will come sometime next year in the spring of 2018, when the lot upon which it stands is slated for demolition and rebuilding.

Kind of like a deflating balloon, the news is a bummer to hear yet still a symbol of fun times: Revel and Quoin will eventually reopen a year later in 2019, also in spring. Rachel Yang, Seif Chirchi, and partners plan to make a comeback in the ground floor of the newly constructed building; the three-story edifice will include office and retail space, plus a parking garage. 

"It's a bittersweet and tricky moment," Yang tells me. When they opened Revel seven years ago with their partners, who own the aforementioned lot, they knew it would have to close for a total rebuild eventually. In fact, it was a possibility just a few years into Revel's existence. "We've actually prolonged this process for a year or two," says Yang. Once complete though, the new space will function better since it's designed with Revel in mind, plus the long counter, open kitchen, outdoor patio (with fire pits!) will return.

While the modern digs will offer evidence of a New Seattle, Revel's goal remains the same as it ever was, "To create a space where the community can gather. Now seven years later, we are trying to redefine what it means to create that gathering space."

There's still plenty of time (and summer) to bask in Revel's outdoor patio and dine in one of Seattle Met's 100 Very Best Restaurants.

This article was updated on July 11 at 5pm to include information about Revel's restaurant partners and property owners, plus prior knowledge of the rebuilding project. Additionally, quotes from Rachel Yang have been included.

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