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A man and his barrels. Redhook head brewer Nick Crandall amongst the brewing system.

It's been quite some time since Redhook first announced its plans to return to the city from whence it came. The craft brewery got its humble start inside a former transmission shop in Ballard in the '80s, and after posting up in Woodinville since 1994, Redhook will once again brew in a bygone autoshop...this time on Capitol Hill.

The local beer giant has moved into its new digs in the recently remade Pike Motorworks Building at 714 East Pike St. Christened Redhook Brewlab, head brewer Nick Crandall will churn up and experiment with 16 rotating, small-batch beers made for the pub, which may scale up for larger drinking audiences. Crandall recently worked on Big Ballard Imperial IPA and the hazy, dare we say on-trend, Bicoastal IPA. Ales on the horizon: a milk stout, raspberry saison, tangerine IPA, and peach and mango IPA.

Crandall will also settle into his role as head DJ, playing music from his vast collection of vinyl—good music makes for good beer, kind of like talking to plants to help them grow or adding a dance montage in a movie to help the plot along. Also, with good acoustics come plans to set up a local live music program at the Brewlab.

On the food front, Redhook Brewlab chef Adam Stevens promises "unabashedly good bar food" hot from its stone hearth oven. Meanwhile, large patios in both the front and back will sandwich the open brewery space. Drink beers with, oh, 200 of your closest friends; there's plenty of room, finicky Seattle weather permitting.

As for the Grand Opening Party on August 17, Redhook Brewlab's partnering with KEXP from 3 to 10, during which there will be live music and one-of-a-kind collaboration beera.

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