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Pizza. Vinyl. Enough said.

Rejoice: What once sold thick, Roman-style pizza by the kilo a la Mike Easton's beloved-but-departed Pizzeria Gabbiano is serving up pies again. Easton shuttered Il Corvo Pasta Studio, his second project in the Pioneer Square space, in January. But now, Harvey Ward Van Allen has brought new life to 240 Second Ave South: RPM Pizza and Records. And it opens for lunch at 11.

Short for Revolution Pizza Music, Van Allen—part of the crew behind other Pioneer Square outposts Altstadt and Casco Antiguo—is bringing exactly that: "The concept is pizza and records first and foremost...and beer and wine." 

RPM's pies come whole or by the slice, most of the classic variety, like pepperoni, cheese, a veggie, a meat, and a pineapple rendition; six or seven are house pies but you can also build your own, says Van Allen. And those cheesy segments are a hefty quarter-slice off a 16 inch pie, so wear those elastic-waisted pants you love so much.

As for the vinyl end of things, Van Allen, a musician and music lover, nods to the Original Neighborhood's history of "all the heaviest play" from the early jazz days to the '90s. RPM will partner will local labels—Light in the Attic, Sub Pop, Knick Knack—to sell new vinyl; the inventory will grow as things get rolling, but trust that you can pluck something off the wall of records lined with music from local artists. 

Electric Coffin's Patrick "Duffy" De Armas is a partner in RPM and, along with Van Allan, is responsible for concept and design, such as a huge, wheat pasted image of Seattle's own Ann and Nancy Wilson by Seattle artist Cheyenne—be still my heart. Electric Coffin is the studio behind the 23-foot boat above Westward's bar and the eye-popping reds and Godzilla-bedecked walls at Trove. Plus, as Van Allen adds, "We ride motorcycles and shit together." Hey, as good a reason as any to team up. Besides, De Armas also owns the Piranha Shop, an events venue on the other side of CenturyLink Field, where there might be some future and music seems to be a perfect pair.

As of today, RPM is open for lunch and dinner daily, from 11 until midnight, though that's subject to change as the crew finds a groove. Best place to keep up with pizza- and vinyl-related news? RPM's Instagram.

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