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Easton at work at the studio.

Image: Sarah Flotard

I went by Il Corvo Pasta Studio this morning and  couldn't help but notice–the sign is down and the windows are covered up. Mike Easton confirmed his workshop of cresti di gallo and perciatelli and other intriguing pasta shapes has closed. He didn't have much to say beyond that. 

It's been a rocky road for the light-filled space on Second Ave. The erstwhile Pizzeria Gabbiano closed in March only to be reborn as Il Corvo Pasta Studio, a place where Easton could extrude, hand fashion and otherwise create the various pasta shapes that helped earn him a James Beard nomination last year. This news is particularly weird since his fanatically adored pasta restaurant, Il Corvo, is just a few blocks away, and one of the most reliable lunchtime crowds in town. Easton told me once that customers at the studio seemed more interested in buying his sauces than kilos of pasta...presumably to put on non-fancy noodles? 

Though its life was short, the studio was the product of unabashed geekery and passion rather than focus groups or trend-surfing. And I salute the hell out of that. Easton could certainly stay busy making pasta for the crowds at Il Corvo, but I'm curious to see what his restless mind does next.

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