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Jack's BBQ Launches Brunch Next Month

Why, yes—the brunch menu does include breakfast tacos.

By Allecia Vermillion March 20, 2017

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Coming soon to your Sunday morning.

Back in January, Jack’s BBQ started serving breakfast, by which I mean the Georgetown roadhouse started serving breakfast tacos. Maybe the best breakfast tacos in town: Simple arrangements of griddled flour tortillas filled with scrambled egg, hefty cubes of seasoned breakfast potatoes, cheddar, and either brisket or the memorably magnificent house sausage.

 There’s a catch, though. Jack’s serves these tacos only on weekdays, from 7 to 9am; that’s the only window of time the kitchen could spare from the prep schedule necessary for the busy lunch and dinner service. Thus the customer base is mostly limited to nearby workers, diehard Texans, and people who use Airport Way to commute in the morning. Owner Jack Timmons says there's one guy who takes requests from his coworkers via email each week, and places a to-go taco order to bring into the office. I encourage this man to apply for any and all job openings in the Seattle Met office.

But! This agonizingly limited window of taco consumption ends the weekend after Easter. Jack’s will launch weekend brunch on April 22, with a menu that includes those breakfast tacos. Mark your calendar and keep an eye on Jack’s Facebook page for more details.

Updated on March 21 to correct the weekday taco hours. Sorry for the brain freeze.

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