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The first Saturday of February brings us Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. And as far as gimmicky food holidays go, this one sounds pretty great. Before you deep dive into the day’s news of whatever governmental garbage fire needs putting out, start your morning with a frozen treat because this is the world we live in now. 

Here are a few ways to do so.

Full Tilt

Ever the architect of offbeat flavors, it’s no surprise this scoop shop is having fun with this holiday. Head to Full Tilt for a pajama party from 9 to noon, during which breakfast-themed ice cream and waffles abound, alongside beer and mimosas for those observing booze for breakfast day.
Morning Hours: Special 9am opening time for the occasion.

Central District Ice Cream Company

 One of the latest additions to the city’s frozen dessert landscape already serves breakfast food–inspired flavors. There’s the ever-trendy avocado toast but in ice cream form. And then there’s chicken and waffles, which delivers savory along with the sweet.
Morning Hours: Opens at 11 on weekends.

Sweet Iron Waffles

 While this spot is all about a certain breakfast item, one dish piles vanilla ice cream atop a warm waffle, drizzled with caramel sauce, chocolate, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. This waffle sundae is how all Saturdays should begin.
Morning Hours: 8am, bright and early

Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

Okay, this may be the obvious choice, but a hearty scoop of Stumptown Coffee begs to be consumed for breakfast. This menu staple is a perennial favorite. The Molly Moon's folks also advocate putting a scoop (earl grey, honey lavender, vanilla bean, Stumptown...) on some oatmeal at home. It checks out.
Morning Hours: The U Village store opens at 11.

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