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China Pie Brings Dumplings and Wood-Fired Pizza to Fremont

The Pomerol chef is topping pies with fish sauce caramel pork belly.

By Allecia Vermillion September 12, 2016

Chinapie alwitn

The ox and the dog are a nod to Loc's kids' animal signs in the Chinese zodiac.

At Pomerol in Fremont, chef Vuong Loc embraces French technique and seasonal fare. Next door, however, is another matter.

Loc is readying a new spot called China Pie, wherein continents will collide. A wood-fired oven will turn out crisp pizzas topped with an eclectic mix, equal parts seasonality and ingredients borrowed from Asia. One example Loc mentioned: A pie topped with fish sauce caramel pork belly, egg, grana padano, and coriander pesto.

The remainder of the menu will be distinctly Asian; Loc hasn't yet finalized things yet, but he'll be serving plenty of dumplings, in broth and in chili sauce—one potential dumpling combo involves ground pork, fried chicken skin, charred green chilies—along with some seasonal salads. 

"I just thought it would be a fun concept," he says. "My kids love pizza and various Asian foods." China Pie will also have a deck along the side of the building.

Vietnam-born Loc first introduced himself to the city via his erstwhile Queen Anne bistro Portage. He's classically trained at Hyde Park's CIA, and has proven (I still miss his Madrona restaurant, June) he can fuse food cultures without things getting gimmicky. The China pie space at 125 N 36th is being outfitted with a large pewter bar and deck, and should be ready some time in October. Keep tabs on progress via the China Pie Facebook page.



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