10 Great Seattle Coffee Shops That Roast Their Own Beans

Some even provide the coffee you like so much at other cafes around town.

By Darren Davis August 23, 2016 Published in the September 2016 issue of Seattle Met

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Image: Amber Fouts

Lighthouse Roasters


On weekends, Lighthouse looks like a meeting place for the Local Chamber of Leisurely Locals. Only one roaster in the back of the room produces all of the wares: medium to dark coffees, a refreshing stalwart in a city of increasingly delicate roasts.


Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters

Columbia City

Southeast Seattle’s only roaster strives to be a representation of the neighborhood. The Hillman City Global Blend contains beans from every producing continent, a tribute to the local diversity.


Elm Coffee Roasters

Pioneer Square

Elm provides a showroom for what is happening in coffee right now: light roasts and a clean space in which to showcase them. No bus bins or condiment station. Just a marble bar lined with patrons sipping bright single-origin espresso.


Slate Coffee

Various Locations

Slate’s four outposts—from the Ballard flagship to the newer pop-up downtown—want to change the everyday coffee ritual. Instead of ordering a drip to go, sit down for a deconstructed latte and an espresso flight.


Herkimer Coffee

Phinney Ridge, Ravenna, South Lake Union

Chances are you’ve had a cup of Herkimer, as the roaster works with some of Seattle’s most-visited coffee shops. Offerings lean full to medium in body, with a popular drip blend meant to be enjoyed on a gray morning.


Broadcast Coffee Roasters

Capitol Hill, Central District, Roosevelt

Neither a boutique roaster nor a big chain, Broadcast enjoys the benefits of both. Each shop feels like a neighborhood secret, while the catalog of blends and single origins can stand up to the bigger operations in town.


Caffe Ladro

Various Locations

Founded in 1994, Ladro is a middle ground between old- and new-school Seattle. Dark roasts like the Diablo pair well with the darker shops, like the original location in Queen Anne. Or check out lighter stuff at the new Fairview space.


Victrola Coffee Roasters

Capitol Hill

Look to Victrola as an example of how to be a purveyor of coffee that values accessibility as much as quality. If you want to break down roast profiles, the baristas are game. Laptop workers seeking a drip coffee bleached with cream and sugar are also welcome.


Caffe Vita

Various Locations

The Vita Punchinello is one of the more recognizable coffee faces in town, as are the selection of beans, roasted at the Capitol Hill headquarters, like the dark, full-bodied espresso that cuts well with milk and expressive blends on the medium to dark side.


Espresso Vivace

Capitol Hill, South Lake Union

The venerable Vivace has been roasting espresso in Seattle since most of the city’s baristas were still in diapers. With just three Italian-style blends, including the signature Espresso Dolce, Vivace’s trick to longevity seems to be in keeping it simple.

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