The best bookstore in town plus Linda Derschang? This could be a wonderful thing. Photo via Elliott Bay Book Company's Facebook page.

After seven years of running the cafe in Elliott Bay Book Company (first in Pioneer Square, and since 2010 in its Capitol Hill location), chef Tamara Murphy announced she won't be renewing her lease when it's up at the end of May, leaving her free to "pursue other interests and projects," and tend to her nearby restaurant Terra Plata.

But! Linda Derschang is stepping in to take her place...which is fitting since Oddfellows is right next door and has the sort of "work here all day" vibe usually ascribed to a coffee shop.

Under Derschang, Elliott Bay Cafe will be rechristened Little Oddfellows. It will be similar in spirit to the original, says a rep, but will lean more coffee shop than restaurant. Per Eater, there will still be beer and wine but no cocktails.

The space will get a Derschang-esque makeover; I can't wait to see how it reflects both the boss's sensibilities and its beautifully literary surroundings. 

Little Oddfellows could debut as soon as June.