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St. Patrick's Day Goings-On: From Refined to Rowdy

Whether you prefer shotgunning green beers or savoring 25-year whiskey.

By Caroline Ferguson March 11, 2015

Photo via Fadó Irish Pub.

Ahh, St. Patrick's Day. It's a time to reflect on our nation's rich Irish heritage, perhaps savor a stout or two... or to get plastered on green beer and wake up with plastic beads imprinted on your face.

Sure, preferences vary with this most beery of holidays. But options abound whether you like your Guinness with a side of organic colcannon or Advil.

If you’re into: Dry-aging corned beef and discussing the cultural merits of James Joyce

Irish Brunch Buffet at Joule: Rachel Yang's Korean fusion spot will offer an Irish themed brunch buffet on Saturdays and Sundays all month long. No Guinness here, unless you count the glaze on the coffee cake.

Murder Mystery Dinner at the Hollywood Tavern: For those who like their corned beef with a side of corniness, this Woodinville spot will be joining forces with Events on the Edge for an interactive murder mystery production and prix fixe dinner.

Corned Beef Sandwiches at Bell and Whete: Executive chef Stew Navarre will be pulling out the traditional Irish caja china and roasting corned beef on the patio starting at 4pm. Sandwiches topped with braised cabbage, Irish cheddar, and caraway aioli will be available to go or to eat in. 

Craft Cocktails at Ray's Cafe: If you prefer your shamrock shakes with a heady dose of creme de menthe (and a spectacular waterfront view), this is your place. Ray's will serve Irish themed craft cocktails alongside corned beef and lager steamed cabbage from 11:30–9.

Microbrews at the Bottleneck Lounge: This Madison Valley spot has specifically promised an absence of green beer at its Saturday and Wednesday festivities. They'll be serving Diamond Knot's Slane's Irish Red and Iron Horse Brewing's Quilter's Irish Death on tap, alongside selected Irish whiskeys and Guinness-simmered corned beef sandwiches.

If you’re into: Green beads, Irish car bombs, and a good buzz before noon

Karaoke at Hula Hula: From 9pm on, this Belltown tiki bar will offer drink specials in exchange for live performances from its St. Patrick's Day theme list. Don't worry, Japanese/Hawaiian/Irish fusion makes sense once you're on your fifth $3 Jameson.

Kegs and Eggs at Fadó: This downtown bar’s boozy brunch kicks off at 7:30am, and they’ll keep the party going all day with live music and an outdoor bar. Want to be hung over by 5pm? Here’s your place.

Live Music at Owl n' Thistle: The third installment of this 24-year-old bar's drinking "training sessions" will be held on Saturday, with music provided by the appropriately named Stout Pounders.

Capitol Hill Bar Crawl: A tour of four rowdy drinking spots will kick off at Capitol Cider on both Saturday and Tuesday. Wristband, commemorative cup, and all other standard bar-crawl paraphernalia will be handed out at registration.

Festivities at Murphy's: Wallingford's oldest Irish pub promises "malarkey and shenanigans" all day long on Tuesday, with music and food from 9am–2am. $10 admission bracelets and t-shirts, required for admission, are currently on sale.


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