A pipe band marches down Fourth Avenue. 

Sat, Mar 16 & Sun, Mar 17
St. Patrick's Day Parade and Irish Festival
On Saturday, drummers and Irish spaniels and various other festive groups will trot down Fourth Avenue for the 48th St. Patrick's Day Parade. From there organizers recommend you head to Seattle Center for the closing ceremonies at the Irish Festival—which runs Saturday and Sunday with dancing, workshops, traditional Irish foods (soda bread, sausage), art, and even a film festival. Seattle Center, Free

Sat, Mar 16
A Shamrock's Tale: The Story of Oxalis Triangularis
The shamrock you bought may well be, well, a sham. Traditionally a shamrock is a four-leafed clover, but as Orlando de Lange—a plant molecular biologist at the University of Washington—submits in this talk, much of what is sold in U.S. stores is Oxlalis triangularis (aka false shamrock). De Lange will spin this imposter yarn into a meditation on how chance factors into picking the plants we eat and grow. Ada's Technical Books, $10

Sun, Mar 17
St. Patrick's Day Dash
You get dressed in green. You may or may not adorn yourself like a cartoon leprechaun. You run the 5K in support of local nonprofits. You head to the beer garden in celebration, any Irish guilt you have mediated by that jog. Third and Mercer, $40

Leprechaun 3
Is Leprechaun 3—in which the evil titular imp heads to Las Vegas and aims to recover his gold—a good movie? Patently, it is not. It was the first Leprechaun entry to go straight to video. But as anyone who's been to Central Cinema's Hecklevision (you text your snark to the screen) knows, mocking a bad movie is best on the big screen with a big group, who are being served beer, cocktails, and food. Central Cinema, $9

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