An antique chandelier, refitted and rewired, over the maple butcher block. Photo by Bee T. via the Coyle's Bakeshop Facebook page.

On Friday, March 13, Rachael Coyle's collection of  cakes, tarts, and pastries advances from popup to full-fledged brick-and-mortar bakeshop.

Her corner shop at 8300 Greenwood Ave N is filled with white tile and wainscoting and wood chairs the color of green milk glass. As of tomorrow it will also be filled with slices of layer cake (chocolate and a seasonal lemon chiffon with rhubarb compote to start), bundt cake, and several types of croissant. There's also a croissant-pretzel hybrid—dubbed, yes, a cretzel—that deserves its own screaming Beatles-on-the-Ed-Sullivan-show fan base. Now you can eat one with housemade apricot mustard.

Coyle was previously pastry chef at Le Pichet and Cafe Presse; the woman knows how to work with the notoriously tricky laminated dough required for croissants and other intricate pastries.

Coyle's Bakeshop will be open from 7am to 4pm. Right now it's Friday through Sunday, but Coyle will gradually add Thursdays, then Mondays. She will also be adding more breakfast- and lunch-type items, like salads and quiche...just as soon as her special-order quiche rings arrive from France.

These sit-down items are part of Coyle's grand plan to create a space where people can sit and linger, not just procure baked goods and coffee then hustle out the door. The bakeshop has 26 seats, spread out so their occupants aren't "buried under butts" when there's a line at the counter. Though maybe there's a niche for that kind of bakeshop somewhere else in town?

The bakeshop serves True North coffee via a beautiful La Marzocco espresso machine, plus teas from Kusmi and tisanes from B. Fuller's. Coyle is pondering an afternoon tea time when she and her bakers pull something extra cool from the oven, like a tarte tatin or a batch of Paris-Brests, and tout its presence via Facebook.

Having a permanent space means Coyle and her two bakers can bake throughout the day. She's happy customers get fresher wares, and the setup also means it's not necessary to line up at sunrise as people were wont to do in her popup days.

The Coyle's Bakeshop website and Facebook page are good places to keep tabs on daily offerings and holiday specials, like the whole passionfruit meringue tarts Coyle will make for Easter.