Mmmm hmmmmm...bacon-oyster bennie at Rock Creek

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After months of grinding research for our February Brunch Guide, we got full, took naps, suffered awkward dinnertime hangovers, and cleared up a few enduring mysteries. Among them:

Best Brunch View: The view up the barrel of Lake Union from Northlake’s Westward is extra winning for its relative rarity, and shines particularly bright by daylight.

Best Mexican Brunch: Oh, Señor Moose by a mile. Long waits, stunning chilaquiles.

Best AlternaBennie: If some tech genius could figure a way to harness brunch food as a power source, we could light the country on this city’s eggs benedicts alone. We have variety alright—see cornbread bennies at Roux, cheddar chive biscuit bennies at the Butcher and the Baker—but the award for coolest twist has to go to Vios, where bennies are built on crisp latkes.

Best Boozy Condiment: Photo finish between Sun Liquor Distillery’s rum maple syrup and Burgundian’s bourbon maple syrup. Both extraordinary.

Best Brunch Dessert: Amaretto bread pudding at Boat Street Kitchen. No contest.

Best Brunch You’ve Never Been To: Stumbling Goat Bistro was the underheralded find of the whole endeavor, its red rooms we know so well by evening terrific, if underfilled, by day. Housemade everything, from fruit-filled doughnuts to duck confit hash, are smart and impressively crafted.

Best Brunch Dish: Go ahead, make your case for your favorite—we know all too well how many dazzling plates are in the running. But the dish that impressed this critic most was RockCreek Seafood and Spirits’ bacon oyster benedict: “A textural thrill ride—slabs of buttery brioche, crunchy breaded oysters, and chewy bacon bound with Old Bay–lemon hollandaise and heady rivulets of golden yolk—this is a flavor romp of salty, briny, earthy, and sweet…”—and as fine a tribute to Northwest oysters as exists in this town before noon. Bring the out-of-towners.



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