Sadly Fat's Wings and Waffles is no longer happening here, after the partners parted ways (quite amicably, both sides say). Marcus Lalario kept the name and the logo, while Darren McGill retained the menu and recipes, and the space at 9261 57th Ave S.

But chicken and waffle fans need not despair. For in its place will be Nate's Wings and Waffles, a partnership between McGill, Andrae Israel, and one Nate Robinson.

Now that the legal stuff is sorted out, McGill, who also owns the excellent Happy Grillmore truck, and his partners are hoping (hoping) to open in September. They're readying a menu of waffles with chicken wings, waffle sandwiches, and some kid-friendly stuff, using largely organic or otherwise carefully wrought ingredients. The waffles, McGill says, are a hybrid of American cornmeal waffles and the crisp-coated, yeasted Belgian style: "It's got a nice crunch to it on the outside, but it's still fluffy and soft, not super dense and cakey like a normal cornmeal waffle."

The house waffle syrup—made with organic maple syrup, apple cider, and brown sugar—is designed to play nicely with the housemade honey-rosemary butter. The Nate's team is working on a waffle made with ube, the sweet purple yam common in Filipino dishes, to serve with an adobo version of fried chicken wings and a garlic-adobo dipping sauce. Oh, man. 

The restaurant is named for Robinson, one of Washington's most impressive high school and college athletes who went on—all 5 feet, 9 inches of him—to a nine-year NBA career. I will admit, I did not know any of these things before reading Jerry Brewer's recent column in the Seattle Times.

The Rainier Beach High School and UW star grew up not far from the restaurant. But with the moniker came some new hoops-inspired aesthetics, like tables made from reclaimed school basketball court.

Other assorted good news: McGill's Happy Grillmore truck will still roam the streets making killer burgers, while his original partner, Marcus Lalario, has promised that Fat's Wings and Waffles will definitely surface in a new location. Meanwhile, the Nate's Wings and Waffles Facebook page should keep us apprised of an opening date.