I am downright jubilant about this news. Image via the Coyle's Bakeshop Facebook page.

Soon an assignation with Rachael Coyle's lemon chiffon cake, fig and blackberry croissants, cheese straws, and life-altering cretzels won't require setting your alarm clock on a Saturday. Coyle has been running a popular bakeshop pop-up out of Book Larder since last May, but she sent word this morning that she has locked down a place of her own at 83rd and Greenwood Ave N. Coyle's Bakeshop should have a permanent home here some time this winter.

Having her own space means Coyle can add some seating, serve her desserts warm when warranted, and can even offer a salad or two by way of a lunch menu. "On the weekdays I might do some healthier things," she says. "But not too many."

She's also a lover of tea, especially loose-leaf tea. So Coyle's excited to have some loose-leaf blends from these folks on the menu, along with coffee and espresso.

Before becoming a pop-up hit, Coyle was pastry chef for Le Pichet and Cafe Presse, and previously worked at Herbfarm. She's a master of pastry's many technical aspects, rightfully obsessed with seasonal fruit, and doesn't let her love of French classics prevent her from mating croissants with pretzels. She assured me her cretzels will be at the bakeshop, complete with housemade apricot whole-grain mustard.

The only downside to this very exciting news: the final Coyle's Bakeshop pop-up will happen this Saturday, August 30, at Book Larder. It will hopefully reappear at least once in October and November (keep an eye on the Coyle's Bakeshop Facebook page for details) but Coyle plans to take special orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas pastries. 

Coyle's space at 8300 Greenwood Ave N is 1,200 square feet, and she signed on architecture firm Atelier Drome (the folks behind the Juicebox space) so it's bound to be stylish.


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