Spicy, fried jalapeno bottle caps at Blue Moon Burgers. Image via Facebook.

Though jalapenos are not the hottest of peppers, for those with keen taste buds or a fear of spicy food, it can be a fiery component in a dish. But as an ex-thermophobe myself, it seems like the more spicy food you try the more you start to enjoy (and almost crave) the burn. You'll find the spicy green pepper on special at these happy hours.

Shelter Lounge
There’s the classic pairing of peanut butter and jelly, but peanut butter and jalapeno isn’t something you see everyday. Well, it is at this bar in Ballard, and daily from 4 to 6pm, PB jalapeno poppers with a jelly dipping sauce are $3 on the happy hour menu. Avocado fries, spicy grilled cheese, and ahi crisps are other $4 to $5 options. And drafts are a dollar off with cocktail specials ranging from $7 to $9.

Boka Restaurant and Bar
Anchoring the sleek Hotel 1000, this restaurant and bar begins its happy hour early, and you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy that 2:30 start. Specials run until 6pm and then round two is 9:30 to close. The menu is split into $4, $6, and $9 plates—coming in at $6 are the jalapeno poppers stuffed with Golden Glen Creamery cheese curds served with a buttermilk dipper. Also, Tuesdays are especially boozy at Boka, with grown-up popsicles on special all day for $7 a stick.

Belly up to this bowling lane bar top for a cilantro and jalapeno margarita. All drinks are a dollar off, daily from 3 to 6pm. Steamed clams with smoked ham, truffle fries, and habanero hot wings are just a few of the $3 to $9 noshes. This neighborhood joint also offers alliterative daily specials, like “Mexican Mischief Monday” where tequila and margaritas are $2 off all day, and “Tickle Me Tuesday” where it’s happy hour from open to close.

Blue Moon Burgers
After 4pm every Wednesday, with a purchase of a drink and a side (say, maybe the fried jalapeno bottle caps) get your burger for half off. And that’s any burger of your choosing, so in keeping with a spicy theme, the El Diablo Azul has cayenne, pepper jack cheese, spicy buffalo sauce, and more of those said bottle caps on top. You’re going to need a beer with that one—or better yet, a glass of milk.