Juicebox Is Opening Its Own Shop on Capitol Hill

It's a juice bar meets vegetable-heavy cafe. But without the crunchy hippie vibe.

By Allecia Vermillion July 16, 2013

Kari Brunson and Brandin Myett juicing away at La Bete, with an ironic backdrop of booze bottles. Photo by Tiffany Ran via Juicebox's Facebook page.

First Juicebox was a stand at the farmers market. Then a brunch pop-up inside La Bête. Now owners Kari Brunson and Brandin Myett are opening their own brick-and-mortar juice shop and 25-seat cafe at 12th and Pine, specifically 1517 12th Ave.

In its permanent incarnation, Juicebox will serve the same fresh-pressed, seasonal juice lineup (I'm partial to the GRN, a blend of kale, spinach, romaine, celery, apple, cucumber, and lemon) as well as a full-on menu of healthy fare that actually sounds enjoyable to eat.

In spirit, says Brunson, the place will be more akin to a restaurant like Revel or The Whale Wins than an ubercrunchy health food joint. "It's vegetable heavy, but not hippie at all." Areas like Brooklyn and Los Angeles are suddenly awash with juice bars (even Starbucks is in on the action) and the interest in non–sugar bomb juice drinks seems tailor-made for Seattle.

Brunson and Myett are both professional cooks, and while the kitchen's lack of hood and oven preclude much actual cooking, they're planning a menu of housemade kimchi and pickles, yogurts, granola, nut milks, crudo, ceviche, soups, salads, smoked fish, and plenty of vegetables.

So in summary it's vegetable-focused, but not vegetarian. And health-oriented, but you can still get espresso or booze (no hard liquor, but on weekends you can order mimosas on tap, Lillet, and biodynamic wine).

The cafe will be open mornings and afternoons seven days a week, but on Friday nights Brunson and Myett will put on a 25-person dinner with a seasonal menu and biodynamic wine. You'll be able to get tickets by phone, online, and at Juicebox. The shop will also become an additional pickup point for the couple's popular juice cleanse. The Saturday and Sunday brunch menu will be a bit heavier, but still focused on vegetables, with a seasonal sparkling juice rounding out the booze options.

Hours will be 8 to 4 on weekdays and 9 to 3 Saturday and Sunday. Juicebox will aim for a late fall opening, if the gods of permits, construction, etc. cooperate.

When I spoke to Brunson yesterday, I asked if she had big plans to celebrate signing the lease. She said she totally would—if she weren't currently on a juice cleanse to balance out a few weeks of copious booze and rib and fatty carb consumption.



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