It doesn't get much more nautical than this.

The impending debut of Ballard Annex Oyster House  reminds us a new design trend is taking root: bars and restaurants are going maritime. The nautical influence is subtle but undeniable at Annex House (rope pulleys line the bar, for example). At other establishments the seafaring theme is more evident. Consider:

This first project from the Huxley Wallace Collective, an offshoot of Skillet founder Joshua Henderson, sits on the north shore of Lake Union. The menu is appropriately focused on fish, and there's an oyster bar and Little Gull Grocery for beer, wine, and deli foods. Nautical appointments: It's too soon to know for sure—Westward won't open until summer—but Henderson has said he's taking cues from Wes Anderson flick The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. We like the sound of this. Also: a large dock. 

Anchors Down
What began as the ill-fated Queen of Norway is now taking shape as a "working class, blue collar bar," according to Eater Seattle, that pays tribute to Ballard's fishermen roots. Neighoring Po Dog will provide the grub. Nautical appointments: Like Westward, Anchors Down has yet to open. But thanks to Facebook we know portholes are involved. (One assumes anchors are too.) Eater Seattle also mentions seafaring artifacts hailing from the Pacific Northwest coastline.

Bait Shop
Linda Derschang's north Broadway bar is predictably a crowdpleaser, thanks in part to the sunny cocktails, fried fare, and brunch optionsNautical appointments: A seven-foot marlin hangs on knotted pine walls; a mermaid hangs above the bar; lighting fixtures from maritime shop Cuttysark are found throughout; several wooden helms.