A very tantalizing ingredient ind-w-eed.

 Today is the day that marijuana (and, of course, single-sex marriage) becomes legal in Washington. Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin says that restaurants are unlikely to start carrying pot-infused foodstuffs, though the state is still sorting out how, exactly, to control this newly legal substance.

Ever the optimists, we asked local bakers and food types if we might see any special brownies or pies sprouting up—making Seattleites particularly happy—pending the final decision for rules and regulations of course. 

Cupcake Royale
“Maybe there was a double entendre with ‘baby we were baked this way’ as our slogan for legalizing gay marriage.” -Jody Hall, owner

Crumble and Flake Patisserie
“I wouldn’t have a problem selling pot brownies if it was truly legal. I mean, we sell coffee, so we’re already dealing drugs. My main issue is pot just doesn’t taste good. I’m in the deliciousness business, so unless I could find a way to make the flavor work in pastry, it’s a non-starter.” -Neil Robertson, owner

Delancey and Pantry at Delancey
“While I don't think I'll be sneaking pot into any of the desserts, we've certainly joked about offering a class on cooking and baking with marijuana in the future. I honestly have no qualms about that, and I bet it would draw an entertaining crowd.”  -Brandi Henderson, pastry chef 

“If we were going to sell "special" pastries, it would be daily at 4:20.” -Linda Derschang, owner

Skydottir Epic Cookies
Anecdotal evidence suggests Skydottir Epic Cookies already meet a basic need of those who partake. I did once contemplate baking cookies with additional superpowers (dispensary clients need more gluten-free/vegan/organic options) but it was too complicated to even go there. Now that the law is evolving, who knows? -Alison Dahmen, owner