Ba Bar's Chinese sausage hash.

 What is it about this weather that inspires relentless desires for warm, drippy, hearty breakfast dishes? Or maybe it's just all the hangovers from the relentless parade of Halloween parties, forthcoming election-night revelry, MurrayAid events and other booze-fueled evenings this time of year. Whatever the reason, here are four new-as-of-this-week breakfast and brunch destinations worth dragging yourself out of bed.

Ba Bar
Owner Eric Banh looked long and hard for a breakfast cook who could collaborate with pastry chef Karen Krol on a Saigon-inspired morning menu. And finally, breakfast is available Wednesday through Sunday 8-11:30am, and includes Vietnamese staples like congee and pho, known for fending off the fallout from last night's excesses. The menu also includes a host of egg dishes, which Banh says are surprisingly common in his homeland. Krol’s brioche is perfect as a breakfast sandwich and for the love of all that is holy—there is breakfast poutine. For breakfast, people. And the tangy gravy is made with pho broth. 

One of the many positive outcomes of the restaurant’s move to Fremont: a brunch menu that runs 10-2 Saturday and Sunday. As of this past weekend, chef Rachel Yang and crew lay out a spread of pastries, salads, and fruit on the long communal table. This buffet rounds out an entrée list that includes  a grilled cheese with kimchi and mushroom gravy, an omelet of chorizo, oyster, and pistou made with Chinese celery, and a chicken-fried steak perched atop a sesame waffle. An entree with buffet access runs you a flat $18, though a particularly hefty dish might come with a $4 surcharge. Oh, yes, there are brunch cocktails, too. 

No longer is it necessary to set an alarm to score a seat at this dynamite West Seattle cafe. Owner Miranda Krone has expanded to a new, much larger space in White Center, in the former Papa’s Pub at 9635 16th Ave SW. The new spot even has a sign. Fancy. According to White Center Now, the new incarnation serves breakfast all day, except on weekend nights. 

Sun Liquor Distillery
The Capitol Hill cocktail haven debuts brunch this weekend, at the behest of chef Samantha Smith. During the week, owner Erik Chapman is busy distilling (which can be a noisy process) but on Saturdays and Sunday from 11 to 4, he will step behind the bar and turn the space over to a modestly sized food menu. The distillery is partnering with new food truck Seattle Biscuit Company to create a plate of biscuits and gravy, the latter made with the same juniper that goes into Sun’s gin. Locally made sourdough bread is soaked in Smith’s custard recipe for 24 hours before being served up as toast, and some early experiments with hash browns gave way to a side of roasted red potatoes that accompany the basic breakfast. Chapman also created an entirely new cocktail menu for daytime drinking, and will still do bottle sales and even distillery tours during brunch hours.

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