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Revel Introduces Wintertime Hot Pot

Warm weather grilled meats make way for hot, spicy broth.

By Allecia Vermillion November 17, 2011

The marrow-filled spicy beef hot pot: now warming you up at Revel. Photo courtesy of Rachel Yang.

Revel retired its popular summertime grill shack menu on October 31 (but not before sous chef Mike Whisenhunt went through a reported 18 pigs, four cows, six goats and 12 lambs). This week I happened to eat at the Frank Bruni–favored Fremont restaurant as part of a campaign to impress a friend from out of town, and noticed a new seasonal addition to the menu: Korean hot pots. So stop lamenting the departure of those tasty grilled meats; these bowls are designed to fight off winter’s encroachment with some fiery broth and a tiny ladle.

The spicy beef hot pot contains brisket aplenty, but what you notice first when the bowl arrives at the table are the four caveman-sized discs of bone marrow. According to chef-owner Rachel Yang, each serving comes with four of the behemoth bones. Spooning out the tasty marrow innards is highly encouraged. The hot pot runs $30 and contains Swiss chard and king oyster mushrooms. Two people can share it, but ladling the contents out between three our four people means more room for pancakes, noodles, and dumplings.

The hot and sour shrimp version is $26 and contains the titular shellfish, as well as glass noodles, tofu, daikon, napa cabbage, zucchini and shrimp chips. Vegetarians, don’t be shy: Just ask and Revel will do a vegetarian version.

Yang says the beef hot pot sold out on Tuesday night, its maiden voyage on the menu.

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