March is Washington Wine month. Celebrate accordingly.

Photo courtesy: California Wine Tours. But come on. This could totally be a glass of Washington wine. Use your imagination!

What month is it? March. Yes, okay. But. It’s also Washington Wine Month, and there are a lot of dinners and such leading up to Taste Washington, which will be held the last weekend of the month at Qwest Field.

I’ve taken the liberty of choosing three imminently occurring related local events that I consider to be good values, and listing them below for your consideration.

This Friday, March 4, the Willows Lodge is hosting a wine dinner with one of Washington’s all-time awesomest winemakers, Bob Betz. Bobby Moore from the Barking Frog cooks the four-course meal, it’s $135.
Why it’s worth it: Auspicious consumables, lots of them.

The Local Vine is teaching a class on wines of the Pacific Northwest this Saturday, March 5. I recently had a chance to take an Italian wines class there and it was fun, plus you get 10 percent off bottles in the retail area where there are some really nice values. The class is from 2:30 to 4pm and it costs $55.
Why it’s worth it: Remember the mantra you use when paying your college loan bill and/or your kid’s tuition. “Education is priceless. Education is priceless. Education is priceless. Etc.”

Legendary Swirl happens March 8 at El Gaucho. The $95 price tag buys you sips from 20 big-deal wineries like Delille and PepperBridge and Abeja. This is fancy-pants territory so please, wear the fanciest pants you own.
Why it’s worth it: This is a truly intimate event, nobody is going to bump you and cause your short-rib slider to explode all over your shirt, as is wont to happen at larger tasting events. The spread of snacks from El Gaucho is impressive, and the wines are the best of the best.