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High 5 Pie Brings in Pastry Whiz Heather Earnhardt

Is this the kick in the crust the Capitol Hill bakery needs?

By Christopher Werner February 23, 2011

High 5 Pie’s caramel apple pecan pie.

In celebration of Pi Day (that’s March 14, or 3-14, for all you English majors) High 5 Pie on Capitol Hill will sell its Flipside turnovers for $3.14.

That’s festive news, but it was another bit from the Pi Day release that caught my eye: a formal announcement that Heather Earnhardt, pastry extraordinaire and co-owner of Volunteer Park Café, has been enlisted to “help refine the recipes and techniques” at the bakery. A quote from High 5 Pie owner Dani Cone goes on to say, "Of course we are still using Grandma Molly’s recipe, but Heather has shown us some magic in the technique and timing.”

CHS noted this news earlier in the week and queried whether bringing an outsider on board was a red flag or “a mark of pie making genius.” Word about town may suggest the former. Since opening in late December, High 5 has endured some crusty reviews, most notably from the The Stranger. Our own Kathryn Robinson also found fault with the bakery’s crust, calling it “sharp and shardy” in her article on the recent pie explosion. (Robinson does, however, swoon for the “cinnamony crust sticks called pie fries.”)

In either case, Earnhardt consulting can’t be anything but promising. Have you sampled her baked goods? Omibejesus.

Also! If you don’t want to wait until mid-March to fill your piehole for cheap, Pie in Fremont marks down offerings from 2 to 3pm every day it is open.

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