Cochon 555 Returns to Seattle

Get piggy with it on February 20.

By Jessica Voelker January 24, 2011

Pork lovers go crazy at Cochon 555.

Every year, the Cochon 555 hog fest rolls into Seattle. There are 10 stops total, it seems the pig tour is skipping Portland this time. That’s no surprise after last year, when—paging Fred Armisen —Cochon’s founder wound up in a street brawl with a McMinnville chef.

The chef was upset that one of the pigs cooked that day had been raised in Iowa.

Moving on. At each event, five chefs have their way with, by which I mean prepare dishes using, one 150-pound heritage hog. The dishes are paired with wines from five different winemakers.

This year’s list of chefs is pretty great, I must say. It’s Lark’s Johnathan Sundstrom, Holly Smith of Cafe Juanita, Rachel Yang from Joule and Revel, Ethan Stowell from Staple and Fancy, and Jason Stratton of Spinasse.

Wineries include Syncline, Elk Cove Vineyards, K Vinters, and Scott Paul.

Cochon 555 tickets cost $125 for general admission (begins at 5pm) and $175 for VIP (begins at 3:30pm).

The event takes place at the Westin Hotel on February 20.

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