Local Halloween Treats

Free doughnuts and cupcakes plus spooky sweets galore at your favorite local bakeries.

By Lindsey Hall October 26, 2010

A Trophy cupcake, all dressed up for Halloween.

Looking for sugary snacks with which to stock your Halloween bash? We called around to find out who is baking what.

Columbia City Bakery is lending jack-o’-lantern flair to its classic shortbread cookies—they’re $2.50 each. Also on display: chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and chocolate spiderweb icing. Those cost $3.

Downtown’s Dahlia Bakery has sugar cookies in the shape of candy corn and bats for $2.50 a cookie, and buttermilk cupcakes with chocolate glaze in a spiderweb design for $2.95 each. Also $2.95: Snickers cupcakes (chocolate cake, caramel-peanut filling, nougat buttercream frosting).

On First Hill, Sugar Bakery and Café has cupcake specials: pumpkin, red velvet with cream cheese ghost frosting, and dark chocolate with chocolate frosting and a witch topper. They cost $3.35 each or $36 for a dozen.

Sugar is also baking up Rest in Peace Grave Cakes (chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, Oreo crumbs with grave on top). It’s 4.75 per slice. Other seasonal specials: pumpkin whoopie pies (yum) for $2.25 each; pumpkin pop tarts for $2.85 each; and pumpkin cheesecake for $1.65 a slice.

Madison Park Bakery is lending Halloween flair to all its bakery and dessert items. Decorations include bats, spiderwebs, ghouls, pumpkins, and ghosts.

Through October 31, Cupcake Royale is baking up Ghosted Babycakes—mini cupcakes (chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting or vanilla cake with chocolate frosting) decorated like ghosts. They’re $1.50 each or $15 for a dozen.

Royale is also offering pumpkin-maple cupcakes for $3.25 each or $35.75 for a dozen. They’re made from pumpkin cake, baked with organic Dickinson pumpkins from Stahlbush Island Farms in Willamette Valley, Oregon and topped with maple cream cheese frosting. Four packs of Halloween Cupcake Toppers—crows, fluorescent skulls, black cats, etc. are $1.50.

Trophy Cupcakes and Party is dressing up its regular cupcakes in Halloween costumes. You can order sparkly pumpkins or black cats or spiderwebs. They’re between $3.50 and $5 each.

On Saturday, October 30, West Seattle’s Sugar Rush Baking Company is passing out free pumpkin sugar cookies as part of Trick or Treating in the Junction (see event details here). And on Sunday the 31st, it is topping chocolate and vanilla cupcakes—with choice of chocolate mousse, vanilla buttercream or mint buttercream frosting—with spiders, ghouls, ghosts, cats, and bats. Those are $3.00 each or $34 for a dozen.

Through Sunday, the Confectionery is offering a selection of candy apples that includes dark chocolate and sea salt, $9.95; caramel covered in half dark chocolate and half milk chocolate, $9.95; caramel, white chocolate and cinnamon sugar, $9.95; and caramel and toffee, with choice of nuts (crushed macadamia, almonds, or peanuts) for $12.95.

Gumball eyeballs are going for $8.95 a pound, as are gummy brains and worms.The candy shop also has gourmet candy corn made by the Jelly Belly Company for $9.95 a pound. A Halloween Jelly Belly mix is the same price.

The Chocolate Box has chocolate truffle critters from Moonstruck Chocolate Company in Portland for $3.75. There’s a Frankenstein Truffle (milk chocolate, hazelnut praline, Pop Rocks®), Peanut Butter and Jelly Eyeballs (PB and strawberry jelly inside a white chocolate shell), and the Blood Orange Bat Truffle (milk chocolate and blood orange inside a dark chocolate shell).

The choco-shop is also planning a Halloween weekend competition—stay tuned for details on that later in the week.

Frost Doughnuts will make three Halloween-themed ‘nuts this weekend. There’s the Dead Velvet (red velvet cake with black-dyed cream cheese frosting and a chocolate wedge) and the Rotten Apple doughnut (applesauce cake doughnut dipped in caramel with gummy worms crawling out). Both are $1.89. A Moldy Maple Bar (green dye in the maple icing) will run you $1.49.

Employees of Top Pot Donuts, meanwhile, will spend the weekend decorating fried dough with neon-colored frosting, candy skulls, and special sprinkles.

And if you stop by Wallingford’s Mighty-O Donuts on Sunday, you’ll be treated with a free mini doughnut. The all-organic, vegan shop is also decorating its organic, vegan wares with edible spiderwebs, or dressing them up as bats or ghosts. Fall flavors at Mighty-O available throughout the season include apple spice (spiced cake doughnut featuring apple cider glaze), and pumpkin (pumpkin cake with pumpkin glaze made from real pumpkins). They’re $1.50 each.

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