Gabriel Claycamp Leaves the Swinery

The butcher shop and lunch counter will continue to operate at its West Seattle location.

By Jessica Voelker July 2, 2010

The Swinery, now with 100 percent less Claycamp.

Well, folks, never a dull day in Gabetown. Gabriel Claycamp, the former Culinary Communion chef, has left the second iteration of his butcher shop, the Swinery. Claycamp, who was backed by an investor/partner he claims is more than 300 thousand dollars invested in the business, says he wasn’t being paid for his work at the West Seattle chop shop. Claycamp says he plans to seek employment as a cook or, if possible, a chef. He says he’s had teaching offers as well.

I spoke with a source at the Swinery who asked not to be named but told me that the West Seattle butcher shop had no plans to close and that the three remaining employees are staying put. "Same hours, same everything," said the source, adding, "it’s a good change, a step in the right direction."

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