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Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Porcine Love

Is that a great restaurant name or WHAT?

By Kathryn Robinson June 21, 2010

Pigs, amazing pigs

Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Porcine Love opened a couple of weeks ago as part of Gabe Claycamp’s and Heidi Kenyon’s all-natural butcher shop/charcuterie in West Seattle, The Swinery.

Claycamp and Kenyon you know. They’re the couple who in recent years have dominated the blogosphere with the roller-coaster ride of their adventures in culinary renown: their hip “underground” restaurant Gypsy, their cooking school Culinary Communion, its relocation to shiny new digs on Beacon Hill, the city’s abrupt closure of parts of the operation, the crash and burn of the whole thing, then The Swinery’s launch last fall in West Seattle.

These two have generated more, ahem, opinion than the ref from last week’s US-Slovenia game.

Us, we’re just in it for the pig. Because Part Two of that launch brings brunch and lunch to the property, in the form of lard biscuits with rosemary sausage gravy, and bacon waffles, and pork belly hash. Thundering Hooves chuck-steak burgers piled with cheese and caramelized onions, pulled-pork sandwiches, and fries made with tallow (the beef renderings that make fries taste so good).

There’s no forgetting you’re at a place called The Swinery.

Anyway, they’re having a party: Friday, June 25, from 4pm to 7pm. Or just come for lunch (Tues-Fri, 11am to 3:30pm) or brunch (Sat-Sun 10am-2pm).

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