Cascina Spinasse

IS THERE A better month than cold, cozy February for staging your own performance of that spaghetti-slurping scene from Lady and the Tramp? Forthwith, the best pasta dishes in town, and where they live.

1 Brad’s Swingside Café
The affably rec-room-ish Fremont neighborhood ristorante serves up the city’s best aglio e olio, that garlicky linguine delectably strewn with hazelnuts and crushed red pepper. 4212 Fremont Ave N, Fremont, 206-633-4057

2 Cafe Lago
There’s a lot to recommend this well-heeled oasis of fine Italian food in Montlake, but the fluffy, featherweight lasagna is a bona-fide stunner. 2305 24th Ave E, Montlake, 206-329-8005;

3 Cascina Spinasse
The rich, eggy, hand-cut strands called tajarin make the single best plate of pasta in town, enhanced in this Piedmontese farmstead with a mighty Bolognese. 1531 14th Ave, Capitol Hill, 206-251-7673;

4 How to Cook a Wolf
We can’t stay away from this tiny jewel box on top of Queen Anne Hill, and neither can anyone else. But if it’s the sensational clam tagliatelli you’re waiting for…it’s worth it. 2208 Queen Anne Ave N, Queen Anne, 206-838-8090;

5 La Medusa
We dream of this Rainier Avenue mainstay’s divine pasta con le sarde, a Moorish masterpiece of caramelized fennel, sardines, saffron, pine nuts, olives, and raisins. 4857 Rainier Ave S, Columbia City, 206-723-2192;

6 Salvatore
One of the best of the many Italian cafes dotting the neighborhoods, this Roosevelt stalwart dishes up killer specials. Lucky you if it’s one in their repertoire of rich wild boar pastas. 6100 Roosevelt Way NE, Roosevelt, 206-527-9301

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