As if he wasn’t already busy enough, Joseph Conrad, the part-owner of Secret Stash Sea Salts (Janna Wemmer is his partner) and head chef at Twist, recently opened Ventana, a small plates joint in Belltown.

I’ve been studying the cookbook from Alinea in Chicago. It’s the most cutting edge restaurant in the United States right now. They focus on molecular gastronomy.

Market stall
I always go by Frank’s Produce in the market to get inspired, then I take the ideas back to the restaurant that day. There’s also a great Moroccan import store, Mustapha’s Moroccan, that has things like preserved lemons and harissa paste, a chile paste. We use it at Twist to make Moroccan chicken wings with fresh Draper Valley chicken. We grill them, baste them with harissa, and then sprinkle them with cumin sea salt on the outside.

Guilty food pleasure
Pork belly. I eat a lot of it. I’m always snacking on a pork belly sandwich.

Coffee drink
An Americano from Stumptown on Capitol Hill. That’s my favorite.

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