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What do you do on your day off, chef?

Jason Wilson (Crush, Fonte Coffee Bar) roasts a pig.

By Parisa Sadrzadeh July 30, 2009

It’s pretty straightforward. In the Thursday series What do you do on your day off, chef? we ask chefs what they did on their last day off.

This week Nosh Pit chills with Jason Wilson, who was nominated for a James Beard Award for the talents he displays nightly at his restaurant Crush in Madison Valley. When he’s not Crushing it up, he is pounding cappuccinos at the brand-spanking-new Fonte Bar in the Four Seasons, where he’s put together a gorgeous little menu of small plates and haute to-go items. And when he’s not at Crush or Fonte, he’s usually catering some event.

Needless to say, Jason Wilson doesn’t have a lot of days off.

But when he does, he does it up right.

A full day off? Oh man, I guess it would be July third. I was on Bainbridge Island with my wife and son and two other couples and their kids. We hung out in the sun, and we made a 4×3 ft pen on the beach. We made some really nice salad with cheese, pickled onions, red onions, mozzarella, and montego, tomatoes, basil, and lettuce picked from the garden of the house we were visiting.
We also had a 140-pound pig.
Think of the area of your body between the neckline of your tshirt down to the spot where your jeans hit your hips. We took that area of our pig, and de-boned it, wrapped it up, tied it, and stuffed it with the porcetta, then sauce.
The skewers we used are like swords, but they’re large antique skewers made of bronze. You just turn it every now and again. It was pretty much rotisserie on driftwood, over this nice fire. It was just me cooking that day. My son had a friend there, and they had a blast together.

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