Instrumentation is key in Marina Albero's performances.

Mon, Dec 16
Bard in a Bar: Winter’s Tale
With a beer in one hand and some audience participation, the karaoke-style Shakespeare group celebrates its fifth anniversary with a Bard classic: The Winter’s Tale. One jealous king accuses his wife of adultery and abandons his daughter, but a few twists of fate guarantee a happy reunion. Ale will flow freely, and provided scripts and props ensure everyone can join. Solo Bar, Free 

Mon, Dec 16
Can an LA punk band 40 years after its first album, a band that opened the legendary hardcore documentary The Decline of Western Civilization presiding over a tumbling mosh pit—can this band age well? Can it land on stage as anything but a slow, hollow copy of its youthful self? If the band is the cowpunk progenitor X, the answer seems an empathic yes. Its recent single “Delta 88 Nightmare,” its first new material in 30 years, shows off what the band has always done absurdly well, bending folk and country accents to punk’s raucous speed. Crocodile, $38 

Tue, Dec 17
Marina Albero
Precise rhythmic patterns and touches of jazz and flamenco suffuse the latest project of Seattle pianist Marina Albero. Her record A Life Soundtrack includes three volumes that explore different phases of her life. “Albero” was recorded with friends and family; “Agua” is purely improvised; in “Music Is Love” Albero expresses thanks for music's role in her life. Royal Room, $25

Tue, Dec 17
Simple Minded Symphony
Take a marching band, throw in some funk and ska and you’ll get Simple Minded Symphony, a PNW-based multi-instrumental ensemble. The title track from its newest album, Places, features an upbeat, brass-driven devotion to a loved one. High Dive, $12

Wed, Dec 18
Jack’s BBQ Prime Rib Dinner
From meaty music festivals to opening new locations, Texas native Jack Timmons knows how to throw a party. This Wednesday at both SoDo and South Lake Union locations, barbecue fans can feast on slabs of smoked prime rib with everything from delicata squash to potatoes au gratin on the side. Jack’s BBQ, $59

Thu, Dec 19
Martinis and Mistletoe
Enjoy martinis with the likes of Malfy gin and Absolut Elyx vodka at Seattle’s rooftop bar and cocktail lounge. Not a fan of chilly winters? You can hunker down with a drink in one of the fire-lit corners. The Nest at Thompson Seattle, Free with registry 

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