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This Week in Restaurant News: Drama in Ballard

Ballard's restaurant scene had a big week: a loss, a major gain, some exciting news for March, and a drive-thru mistake.

By Malcolm Griffes January 17, 2014

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The octopus soup at Brimmer and Heeltap is an antidote for all that ails you. Photo via Brimmer and Heeltap's Facebook page.


Brimmer and Heeltap
Open this week in the former Le Gourmand space, B&H is serving an inspired gastropub menu in a charmingly renovated space. Pro tip: The same family meal that staff dines on can be found on the late-night menu (10-midnight) for around $8.

Udon in Wallingford
Nope, that's not this tiny take-out stand's name, but it doesn't have one. Or any info about it online (until now). But we'll tell you Pat Tharachai has been serving steaming bowls of Thai-influenced Japanese noodle soup for about two months; find him in the actual hole-in-the-wall Monday-Saturday 11-6. 


Belle Clementine
David Sanford’s Ballard restaurant/dinner club will be closing, but not without a few more meals, according to The Seattle Times. Sanford is heading south to cook for the founder of LinkedIn. For Seattleites looking to get in before it closes remember, reservations are required.


Bar manager Connor O’Brien has left his position at Rumba, and taking his place will be Jim Romdall, from Vessel. (We talked to O'Brien and he's not yet disclosing his next move, but stay tuned to find out.) This is as good a reason as any to stop in for a planter’s punch.


The Octopus Bar
Breaching the surface at the end of next week, the Octopus Bar will be bringing a nautical theme to Wallingford. Drinks like Davey Jones Locker (a margarita with a splash of St. Germaine) will be on deck alongside pizzas and sausages.

Zhu Dang
“Pig Party”, the reported translation, will take over the large space vacated by The Social nightclub on Capitol Hill. Chef Steve Cheng plans to cook Chinese food with a Northwest vibe, according to Capitol Hill Seattle blog.

Ethan Stowell has announced plans for his newest restaurant: Chippy’s Fish and Drink. It’s going to be a classic fish-and-chips spot, accompanied by clam chowder, crab rolls, and fried oysters, among other dishes. Cocktails and beer will be available as well. The location is conveniently next door to Stowell’s Staple and Fancy on Ballard Ave, with an opening proposed for March.


Ballard Taco Time Accident
A car was driven into the side of the Ballard Taco Time, near Golden Gardens, on Sunday morning around 2am, according to Seattle Weekly. Nobody was hurt. (Insert drive-thru joke here.)


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