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What to Do After Work March 9–12

Firefighters at a chili cook-off, an occult thriller, and a rapper who doesn't let his trauma hold him back.

By Nicole Pasia March 9, 2020

Phora plays Neumos on Monday night. 

Mon, Mar 10
Phora: Love Yourself Tour
Drawing from his trauma as a stabbing and shooting victim, California-based Phora’s music is “not a song for the radio,” he raps on his newest track, “Love Yourself.” Instead, he crafts mature, self-reflections on rising above it all: the cynics, past mistakes, and his own inner demons. Neumos, $27 

Tue, Mar 10
Great Souls: Live Short Stories
A Hugo House performance ensemble, named the Seagull Project, will read fiction inspired by Anton Chekhov. Featured works include Kristen Millares Young‘s debut novel Subduction, in which a Latina anthropologist travels to Neah Bay to escape her past only to get caught in an indigenous family’s murder mystery, and “Chewbacca and Clyde” from Corinne Manning‘s upcoming short story collection, in which queer characters work to stand their ground in society. Hugo House, $10

Wed, Mar 11
Fade to Black: Eve’s Bayou
Samuel L. Jackson is back in another thriller. In Eve’s Bayou, set in 1960’s Louisiana, he’s the dashing Dr. Louis Batiste. When his 10-year-old daughter Eve uncovers his affair with a family-friend, she turns to the occult and voodoo to seek the truth, with catastrophic consequences. The screening is part of the Fade to Black series, which explores Black representation in film and its effects in society. Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, $10

Thu, Mar 12
Brimmer and Heeltap Chili Cook-off
Linnea Scott of Sawyer and Kristofer Kalinczok of Ethan Stowell Restaurants bring on the heat in a chili cook-off. Luckily, the Ballard Fire Department will be on hand—to help judge, at least. Beer and other drinks pair with chili samples, and proceeds benefit Seattle’s Bravest, which cares for firefighters in need and their families. Brimmer and Heeltap, $27

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