Neighborhood Bar Crawls: First Hill

Drink your way through Seattle’s best bars.

By Clancey Denis and Rachel Sturtz February 18, 2011 Published in the March 2011 issue of Seattle Met

Asking someone to meet you for “happy hour in the sky at RView in the Renaissance,” is a little wordy, but you can’t deny that the view at the 28th-story Rview is spectacular—the lights of downtown sparkle off the waterfront.

From the outside Vito’s looks like the seedy underbelly of 1980s New York City, but the inside is decked out in red leather, dim lights, and mustached Italians drinking straight bourbon on the rocks.

The Hunt Club is worth a trip if only to walk through the gorgeous Sorrento Hotel. The old wood bar is stunning, but you might opt to take your drink to the Fireside Room—the velvet couches and wood ceiling will make you feel like a member of the old European upper class.

The Hideout definitely plays up its secretive name—you almost don’t notice it walking down street. The windows are covered in velvet curtains and it’s so dark you have to strain a little to read the menu. But it’s just the right place to lounge on couches with strangers and talk all night about the local paintings lining the wall.

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