Twisted Cork is a hotel bar (it’s in the Hyatt’s lobby), so drinking there means mingling with guests relaxing after a day of shopping at Lincoln Square, but the wine selection is good and, since you’re this close to mall, chances are you’re juggling shopping bags, too.

Joey caters to the Microsoft crowd, along with short-skirted, Louis Vuitton–toting ladies. The bartenders are attractive and well groomed, the black bar is polished to a shine, and—in sharp contrast to the bars across the lake—there is nary a scraggly beard in sight.

Part bar, part bowling alley, part arcade, Lucky Strike is essentially Chuck E. Cheese for the just-over-21 crowd. If you’re looking for a game of Skee-Ball to liven up your night, it’s the spot for you.

The best thing after all that Lucky Strike insanity: the chill atmosphere at Naga. No neon lights and no arcade games, just tranquil colors and Zenlike eastern art. The cocktails are beautiful—the fruit-skewer garnishes alone are worth the price tag—and they taste even better than they look.

The first thing you see when you enter Lot No. 3 is a huge chalkboard listing the liquor on offer—you get the sense they are trying to do the old speakeasy thing, but the floor-to-ceiling windows confuse the concept. The drinks are plenty good enough, though, to forgive any issues with the atmosphere.

Barrio is just around the corner from Lot No. 3 (both belong to the Heavy Restaurant Group)—when it’s raining that’s reason enough to go—but the cavernous space has a sprawling tiled bar, a sparkling wall of candles, and freshly fried tortilla chips. And really, by this point in your Bellevue bar crawl, there will exist nothing better than fried food.

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