Wet N Wild

A Guide to Seattle's Spray Parks and Wading Pools

Behold our comprehensive list of watery havens around town.

By Ann Karneus

Beacon Mountain Spraypark in Jefferson Park is a huge, colorful draw.

It wouldn’t be summer in Seattle without a visit to a spray park—and thankfully, our city has them in splashy spades. Within the city, the dozens of spray parks and wading pools are operated by Seattle Parks and Recreation, which opens them depending on weather and staffing.

This year, the city opened spray parks on May 28 and staggered the start dates of the 20 wading pools beginning on June 25. Be warned: Seattle wading pools only open when it’s forecasted to be at least 70 degrees, so do a little research before heading out. You can check the parks and recreation Facebook page or call the Wading Pool Hotline at 206-684-7796 for status updates too.

As for the actual visit, there are some rules: No running, no food or drink, no glass containers, no pets, no water fights, and please for the love of god put your baby in a swim diaper. Otherwise, lather up with some sunscreen and get to splashing.

Seattle Spray Parks 

Open 11am–8pm daily.

Beacon Mountain in Jefferson Park

Beacon Hill

This toddler-friendly sprayground has an expansive view of the Olympics and two slides that deposit you at the foot of the spray zone. Word of advice to parents: Do not try to fit down the child-sized tube slide.

Georgetown Playfield


Along with water shooting up from the ground, two Dr. Seuss–like showers dump buckets of water from above at this low-key spot. There’s also a covered picnic table area and a vast playground next to it, so it’s a pleasant place to post up for a few hours and let the kids run wild.

Highland Park


Who said spray parks couldn’t be educational and fun? Eight of the colorful circles spurting water represent different planets. (Sorry, Pluto.) And if you arrive and the waterworks are off, don’t be discouraged; just press the button to start things up again.

Highland Park's spray features channel its inner solar system.

John C. Little, Sr. Park

Beacon Hill

This is a popular neighborhood hub come summer. Surrounding the boulder-strewn spray zone, there’s a sizable playground, covered picnic areas, basketball courts, and pathways winding through the grassy hills.

Judkins Park

Central District

Blue, red, and yellow columns deliver a pleasant mist, a welcome respite from high-pressure jets blasting your face. Water also rains down from some stone walls. The park is full of other amenities too, including a playground, barbecues, basketball hoops, and the bustling Roll Around Seatown skate spot headquarters.

Lake Union Park

South Lake Union

Just a few paces away from the Museum of History and Industry, the long strip of geysers proves to be a simple, yet effective, cooling mechanism. For those who don’t have their sea legs—or appropriate swim attire—the model boat pond delivers.

Miller Community Playfield

Capitol Hill

Ringed by five stately columns with sculptures of people perched on top, this fountain resides in the community center courtyard next to a playground. It’s also worth checking out the center, which has numerous programs and activities for all ages.

Northacres Park


If you’re prepared to get soaked, there’s a labyrinth imprinted in the center of the spray pad for you to wind your way through. The forested park also has shady walking trails, two playgrounds, two ball fields, and an off-leash dog area.

Northacres is a seasonal favorite for its various water features, high and low.

Pratt Park

Central District

After shuttering for renovations to replace an old sewer line, the play area at Pratt Park is now open, just in time for summer. Colorful orange and yellow poles (some with cute umbrella attachments on top) rain water down, while a new restroom facility features a butterfly roof.

Yesler Terrace Park 

First Hill

The development of this 1.7-acre park was a community effort. Artist Christine Bourdette supplied the red and gray stone sculptures on the spray pad, satisfying the need for both form and function.

International Fountain

Lower Queen Anne 

Envision a pasta colander flipped upside down, indiscriminately spraying jets of water around a giant, shallow bowl to music. Constructed for the 1962 World’s Fair, the International Fountain is a picturesque place to cool off. We’re not the only ones who think that, so prepare for big crowds on hot days. There’s a water show every 30 minutes from 10am to 8pm.

The International Fountain at Seattle Center sprays water in time to music.

Seattle Wading Pools 

Beacon Hill Playfield

Beacon Hill | Jun 29–Aug 18, Wed–Thu, noon to 7pm

Directly next to the eponymous elementary school, the shallow wading pool is an ideal spot to cool off after a romp around the playground.

Bitter Lake Playfield

Bitter Lake | Jun 29–Aug 19, Wed–Fri, noon to 7pm

Located next to the community center, the pool is a common spot for parents to introduce their toddlers to the wonders of water. 

Dahl Playfield

Wedgwood | Jun 28–Aug 18, Tue–Thu, noon to 7pm

Trees ringing the pool provide speckled shade, making the perimeter a perfect place to settle down in your Crazy Creek for a nap.

Delridge Playfield

Delridge | Jun 29–Aug 19, Wed–Fri, noon to 5:30pm

The rectangular pool is close to the parking lot, so if you want to avoid lugging your stuff back and forth, this might be the place for you. It also has a nice view of the skatepark. 

East Queen Anne Playground

Queen Anne | Jun 27–Aug 21, Sun–Tue, noon to 7pm

In addition to a wading pool, the tiny neighborhood park packs in great play structures, swing sets, a field, and a bathroom. There's only street parking, but on the bright side, it’s next to a Trader Joe’s for last-minute snacks.  

EC Hughes Playground

Delridge | Jun 27–Aug 21, Sun–Tue, noon to 7pm

This spot has a place to splash, a recently renovated play structure, bathrooms, and views of Rainier on a clear day. It’s perched on an incline, though, so it may be a bit of a climb if you're parked far away.

Gilman Playground

Ballard | Jul 1–Aug 20, Fri–Sat, noon to 6pm

It’s shaded for most of the day by leafy trees so parents can have some respite from the sun while the little ones splash nearby. 

Green Lake Park

Greenlake | Jun 25–Sep 5, daily, noon to 7pm

Adored by many, this vast, amoeba-shaped pool attracts visitors from all over the city. And if a bigger expanse is what you seek, the lake itself has pedal boats to rent.

Lincoln Park

Fauntleroy | Jun 25–Sep 5, daily, noon to 7pm

On the northern end of the park, find this gentle pool nestled in the wooded forests. Actual swimming happens at the nearby Colman Pool.

Magnuson Park

Sand Point | Jul 2–Sep 5, daily, 12:15pm to 6:30pm

It’s sandwiched between the Lake Shore Promenade and Lake Washington, so naturally there’s a great view. The wading pool may be on the smaller side, but the access to beaches, tennis courts, playgrounds, and a dog park can't be beat.  

The wading pool at Magnuson Park is small but effective.

Peppi’s Playground

Leschi | Jun 27–Aug 16, Mon–Tue, noon to 7pm

The circular pool is the central focus of this small park next to Leschi Elementary School, where sitting on the grass beneath the many trees isn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon. 

Powell Barnett Park

Leschi | Jun 29–Aug 21, Wed–Sun, noon to 7pm

A wading pool lies at the foot of a grassy slope, surrounded by prime playground climbing structures and cookout spots. The bathroom looks like a castle, too, so there’s that nice regal touch.

Ravenna Park

Ravenna | Ju1 1–Aug 20, Fri–Sat, noon to 7pm

There’s a huge sand pit in addition to the wading pool, while hiking trails snaking through the forested ravine and picnic shelters make it an ideal spot for a whole day of family fun. 

Sandel Playground

Greenwood | Jun 28–Aug 17, Tue–Wed, noon to 6:30pm

Tucked beside quiet residential streets, this park has rolling lawns and a massive playground for the kids once they're done splashing.

Soundview Playfield

Broadview | Jun 27–Aug 21, Sat–Mon, noon to 7pm

Situated in the southwest corner of the park, it’s on the same plot of land as Whitman Middle School. The wading pool is fairly large with a playground nearby, as well as two baseball diamonds, a soccer field, and tennis courts.

South Park Community Center

South Park | Jun 27–Aug 17, Mon–Wed, noon to 7pm

The pool is right outside the vibrant community center, which hosts fun holiday events and a variety of programs for all ages. Options for post-splashing activity include a playground with baby swings, tennis courts, and an open field.

Van Asselt Community Center

Beacon Hill | Jun 25–Sep 5, daily, noon to 7pm

If the sun's out, this might just be the spot. A wading pool is tucked away in a shady (at least for part of the day) corner by the community center playground.

View Ridge Playfield

View Ridge/Windermere | Jun 27–Aug 21, Sun–Mon, noon to 7pm

Trees cover the wading pool, and nearby, you’ll find a picnicking area and bathrooms.  

Volunteer Park

Capitol Hill | Jun 25–Sep 5, daily, noon to 7pm

It gets crowded here owing to the popularity of Volunteer Park, but the wading pool is on the larger side. After a romp in the water, the rest of the park beckons with botanical wonders in the conservatory, the Seattle Asian Art Museum, and the old water tower.

Wallingford Playfield

Wallingford | Jun 30–Aug 20, Thu–Sat, noon to 7pm

A little pathway of stones juts out in the pool, so you can join your kid without getting wet. You’ll also find a great playground close by.

The Wallingford wading pool has spots for parents and kids alike.

Outside Seattle 

Angle Lake Park

SeaTac | Open through Labor Day, daily, 11am–8pm

Requisite spray park equipment pairs with the Mega Splasher, a giant bowl that slowly fills with water and then douses anyone who’s brave enough to stand in the soak zone.

Bellevue Downtown Park

Bellevue | Open through Labor Day, daily, 10am–8pm

Within this accessible park, there’s tons of play structures and interactive features for kids to use. On hot days, it’s a perfect place for climbing and splashing around. 

Crossroads Water Spray Playground

Bellevue | Open through Labor Day, daily, 10am–8pm

Rising out of the surf are climbable rocks, dolphins, and a giant orca, making it a fun place for kids to play even when the water's not on. The park itself is huge, and has basically every amenity you could think of. 

Daleway Park

Lynnwood | Open through Labor Day, daily, 11am–7pm

Along with the spray park, there are forested trails, a playground, and basketball hoops. 

Forest Park

Everett | Open through Sep 18, daily, 11am–8pm

Some 16 interactive water features make splash time varied and fun, while a dedicated area just for toddlers adds extra reassurance for parents. Bring a picnic lunch to spread out on the grassy lawn.

Grass Lawn Park

Redmond | Open through Labor Day, daily, 9am–9pm

The splash pad may be small, but the playground has some great features, including a bridge connecting two of the play structures and a spider web climbing pyramid made of rope. You can also rent a picnic shelter and or just walk around the huge green space.

Hazel Miller at Edmonds City Park

Edmonds | Open through Labor Day, daily, 10am–8pm

It's one of the most popular spray parks in the greater Seattle area, and for good reason. A splash pad for smaller kids meets a tunnel of misters, water jets, and a giant bowl that fills with water before splashing down on those waiting below. An ample playground nearby and sloped grass hill keep others entertained for hours.

Les Gove Park

Auburn | Open through Labor Day, daily, 10am–8pm

A bright-blue splash pad with spraying water features mixes with an accessible, all-ages playground.

North Lynnwood Park

Lynnwood | Jul 2–Labor Day, daily, 11am–7pm

Once you turn on the water, two snakes spout streams. The field dotted with evergreens is also a nice spot for lawn games and family gatherings. 

Tukwila Community Center

Tukwila | Jul 2–Labor Day, daily, 10am–8pm

The sprayers are at varied heights, ensuring that kids of all sizes get properly doused. Family-friendly amenities include a playground, picnic shelter, grills, skate park, and a field. 

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