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Best Corn Mazes Near Seattle

Get lost and have a good time doing it.

By Sophia Struna

The a-maize-ing maze at Bob's Corn and Pumpkin Farm in Snohomish.

Losing your way is usually not an enjoyable occurrence. Unless, of course, it’s fall and you’re in a corn maze. Embrace the crisp air and golden foliage of the season by getting lost…on purpose.

Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm


One of the largest corn mazes on this list can be found at Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm. Taking a cue from the carved mountainsides of the surrounding Cathcart Valley, Bob’s is forged through 12 miles of dense corn. Whether you choose to stay after dark or you haven’t quite managed to escape the confines of the maze before sunset, a Night Maze keeps the fun alive.

Carpinito Brothers


If you’re someone who can’t handle losing a friendly game of bowling, or maybe you’ve been banned from family game nights for getting a bit too “emotional,” this Kent-based farm has a corn maze devised for you trophy chasers. Designed specifically to challenge its participants, Carpinito Brothers take its corn maze–planning seriously.

Getting lost is part of the fun at Carpinito Brothers.

Image: Jane Sherman

Craven Farm


Craven Farm’s Interactive Adventure Maze holds something a bit more imaginative than a few miles of etched corn alleys. Keep an eye out for characters from well-known stories, clamber over a few obstacles, and tally how many pumpkins you find along the way. At the very end, your newly acquired farm knowledge is put to the test as the only way to get out is to get a farm-specific question correct (no pressure, though).

Stocker Farms


The newest member of Seattle’s sports franchises heads off the ice for somewhere a bit different this fall. Within Stocker Farms’ five-acre corn maze, a Seattle Kraken–inspired design has been carefully carved into the rolling field. It’s built to spin participants in a dizzying array of sea monster–shaped configurations. Head on in and unleash the Kraken.

Rutledge Corn Maze


It’s common knowledge that one corn maze just isn’t enough; well at Rutledge it is. The Olympia maze is composed of two separate fields of chiseled corn walkways. Tucked within the towering greenery, a dozen different checkpoints are planted throughout to help you solve the mystery of the missing Farmer Joe. Whether you find the ill-fated agrarian or not, you can still take a stroll around the farm afterward to check out other maize-themed activities like cornhole and corn cannons.

Thomas Family Farm


As fog sets in and dusk falls, just over two miles of pathways forged by burly corn stocks await. What sounds like the cold opening of a horror movie is actually just Thomas Family Farm’s corn maze. If you are, however, in the spirit to celebrate Halloween and are intrigued by the possibility of a spooky situation, the farm also has haunted night activities, including a haunted trail and zombie paintball.

Swans Trail Farms


The size? Twelve acres. The theme? Washington state. Traipse the four and a half miles of corn-crowded pathways at Swans Trail for an IRL lesson on local geography, landmarks, and historical facts. Every so often, wooden platforms rise above the stalks, giving you a peep of the way out.

Mosby Farms


This farm emphasizes all things family. Consider the extensive list of rules presented for maze-goers: no horseplay, no shortcuts, no ditching children or parents (though the Children of the Corn jokes are right there). Outside the maze, the harvest-style farm is prime for wheelbarrow photo-ops.

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