Classic Gifts IX: Aromatherapy

Two local women and their pioneering home fragrance products.

12/22/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Classic Gifts VIII: Dinner and a Movie(s)

Local company fosters film forums in your living room.

12/21/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Classic Gifts VII: The Greater Good

A local company makes charitable giving fun, easy, and interactive.

12/20/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Classic Gifts VI: Watch It

Think about gifts that keep on giving, for generations, at the brand new Omega shop in the Fairmont Olympic.

12/17/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Gift Map III: Kids’ Stuff

Because shopping for quality playthings isn’t always fun and games.

12/16/2010 By Laura Cassidy

Wedding Wednesday

Classic Gifts IV: Paper HeartsUPDATED

Brand new shop, Paper Hammer, does double duty for holiday shoppers and those involved in pulling off a literary, design-savvy wedding.

12/15/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Classic Gifts III: Use Your Head

Keep their ears warm and foster worldwide community for about 30 bucks.

12/14/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Classic Gifts II: Go Green (No, Really)

Go green the old-school way; give a plant. And a plant hanger.

12/13/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Classic Gifts I: Eat Your Heart Out

Chocolate, wine, and coffee. What else is there?

12/10/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Gift Map I: Pet Projects

Your guide to shopping for four-legged (and possibly winged and/or finned?) friends.

12/02/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Natural History

An unlikely partnership redefines Northwest Modern at downtown home furnishings store Black Ball Line. Plus: AllSaints Spitalfields settles in downtown, and holiday sparkling lip gloss by Seattle’s Suresh Beauty.

11/15/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Bright Ideas

The motto of this holiday shopping guide: Don’t overthink it. Classic materials, traditional toys, and smart, spirited innovations will always be loved.

10/11/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Seriously Plush

Worldwide lovers of two-headed stuffed deers and anatomically correct felt hearts to converge on Second Ave on October 8.

10/01/2010 By Laura Cassidy


City Blocks

Fall fashions really stack up in tone-on-tone ensembles.

09/14/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Parlez-Vous Vert?

Skin, beauty, and health care company Melvita moves into Pacific Place mall, while Australia-based Karen Millen sets up shop at the Bravern.

07/22/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Cycling Through

Finds from Ballard’s Dutch Bike Company and Belltown’s Eurostyle Your Life.

07/22/2010 By Laura Cassidy


100 Reasons to Love Seattle

Call us biased, but it’s as easy to dig up reasons to love this city as it is to score gourmet grub on our streets. (Hey, there’s a reason right there…) In fact, we found so many—from our flair for flash mobbery to our kid-friendly

06/14/2010 By Kathryn Robinson, Matthew Halverson, James Ross Gardner, Eric Scigliano, Laura Cassidy, Jessica Voelker, Christopher Werner, Laura Dannen, Tiffany Wan, Judy Naegeli, and Caitlin King


Sail Away

Be seaworthy this summer with clean, cool nautical-inspired looks.

05/17/2010 By Laura Cassidy and Ashley Helvey

The Soft Bulletin

Dry Soda: Happymaker of Pregnant People

Your girl is thirsty and she can’t drink booze. Have a heart, will you?