Gift Map III: Kids’ Stuff

Because shopping for quality playthings isn’t always fun and games.

By Laura Cassidy December 16, 2010

Mohair rabbits where adorable is defined, Flora and Henri on Capitol Hill.

If the kids on your shopping list are your own, you have enough to do without plotting out where to find the worthwhile, classic stuff of childhood. If the tiny people on your agenda do not belong to you, you may not be totally familiar with the lay of the fun-and-games landscape. Either way, our kids stuff shopping map makes it easy to navigate an entire city’s worth of educational objects of enjoyment, timeless toys, and apparel and accessories that appeal to both of you.

Some things to think about before you begin: At Izilla, they’re loving a board game called Dixit because it does the impossible: makes fun times for kids and adults. At Tottini, there are two options (at two budget levels) for those considering a modern take on the generations-old winter holiday dream gift, the dollhouse. (I will never forget the year my dad built me one and put it, if not exactly under the tree, at least nearby.) At Planet Happy, they’re into the timeless idea of packable, go-anywhere animal play sets; they’ve got ’em farm- and sea-themed.

That oughtta get you started. Go now among the world of math-is-fun gaming and miniature tea seats and make someone small hugely happy.

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