Classic Gifts II: Go Green (No, Really)

Go green the old-school way; give a plant. And a plant hanger.

By Laura Cassidy December 13, 2010

Give life: a plant holder from Yo Angela.

I’m pretty sure we don’t have to get into the specifics of oxygen and all that. You’re pretty well-versed in the idea that we humans need green stuff around to make the air we breath. That alone is reason enough to buy a plant for someone you love, but should you need another reason, here we go: They’re pretty.

Say it with me now, Don’t overthink it.

Who couldn’t use a nice Peperomia obtusifolia or a life-giving Sansevieria trifasciata. Since we’re getting classic this year, why not a Rhapis Excelsa? Among my favorite sources for these types of things are City People’s in Madison, the almighty Palm Room in Ballard, and Envy on Capitol Hill.

And should you feel that you want to give more, I have just the thing.

A while back, some friends and I walked in to Oliver’s Twist for some truffled popcorn off the happy hour menu, and I was immediately drawn to some hanging objects on the opposite wall.

Turns out they are the work of Angela Johnson — who, not entirely coincidentally, used to own Twig — and they hold plants. She was there that night, and when I went and introduced myself she told me she had been considering doing an Etsy site. I’m afraid I might have bullied her into it, but I wasn’t kidding when I told her how irked I am by the giant lack of anything other than bad acrylic, faux-macrame plant holders.

Johnson’s Etsy shop, Yo Angela, is right here; Wrapped around something from one of the aforementioned vendors of botanicals, her smart leather plant holsters would make earthy-arty, homey-design-y, Dwell reader types really happy. I’m sure of it.

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