Gift Map I: Pet Projects

Your guide to shopping for four-legged (and possibly winged and/or finned?) friends.

By Laura Cassidy December 2, 2010

Pets are people too.

From Wallingford to the Central District; from contrarian cats to face-licking dogs, multilingual birds, squirrely ferrets, and sublime fish, Seattle is full of beloved beasts and boutiques that stock clothes, toys, treats, and more for them.

We know how you are. And we think it’s cute. Every time you buy two or three presents for humans, you pick up a little something for the wildlife in your residence. Kicking off a month of maps is this guide to luxe pet emporiums and essential critter shops.

And stay tuned: Each Thursday for the rest of the month we’ll link you up with a heavily plotted and pin-pointed city grid to help you navigate a new niche of holiday gift searching.

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