Classic Gifts V: Mug Shot

By Laura Cassidy December 16, 2010

This is not a plastic lid. Ceramic to-go cup with silicone sip-top from Cost Plus World Market, for the commuter in your life.

Things were easier in the ’80s. Need a gift? Get a mug. It was as easy as that. There were mugs with country ducks and geese and rainbow cats for moms and aunts, Bloom County mugs for favorite teachers, mugs with Nagel prints for cool older sisters and Garfield mugs for everyone else.

It might be fun to bring an old school mug or two back into your world but not everyone on your list will see the charm of it. That much is certain. And since we’re all pretty much on board with the idea that disposing of a paper cup or more each day is just wasteful and mindless, I’m suggesting you update the old classic with one of these looks-like-a-throwaway-but-it’s-actually-a-keeper to-go non-paper cups from one of the four Cost Plus World Market shops in our area.

The minimal black and white look is nicely low-profile, and will appeal to folks who are sensible and against waste yet a tad too tasteful to tote around one of those unsightly aluminum jobs that seem to only come in flashy shades of red or purple—or worse, splattered with some corporate logo. The Cost Plus cup is made of ceramic; the removable, fitted lid and soft-touch sleeve are silicone. And, there’s this: It’s a cool $7.99.

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